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Our client, a MarTech startup, envisioned an app specifically tailored to the needs of today's content creators. Their users – influencers, bloggers, and small businesses, would use the app to generate high-quality textual content for social media, edit and schedule their posts seamlessly, streamlining their workflow and freeing them from time-consuming tasks. This allowed them to focus on what truly matters: expressing their creativity and engaging their audiences.



When the company first came to us, they had an idea for the project and looked for someone that could bring it to life.Their vision was clear: upload a photo, describe it via text or voice, and the app generates optimized text with hashtags, ready to be shared. Alternatively, an app would identify the photo's content and create a text without any additional input from the user. Users could connect their social media accounts with the app to schedule posts, publish instantly, or even create multiple posts in one go.

It was February 2023, a pivotal moment for the industry, as OpenAI had just announced the public release of ChatGPT Plus and Whisper model APIs. We had the chance to  experiment with the technology already, but didn’t have a project where we could fully implement it. This project came just at the right time, so we were happy to start working. By this time, few companies had fully integrated generative AI into their workflows, allowing us to become one of the first companies to experiment with this technology.


Our collaboration with the client began with an idea and a shared sense of excitement for the possibilities of generative AI. We first started with the initial discovery phase. Taking us around a month, it, involved:

  • Understanding needs: We delved into the client's goals, target audience, and desired functionality.
  • Planning and specifications: We charted a roadmap, outlined technical specifications, and drafted initial design concepts.
  • Trying out the technology: With generative AI being a relatively new frontier, we spent time learning and experimenting to understand its capabilities and limitations.

Creating an AI-based app presented our team with several challenges: 

  1. Decoding User Intent & Crafting Compelling Content 

The most important part was assuring that the core functionality of the app was stable. It had to accurately decipher user intent and adapt the texts to various social media platforms while adhering to their guidelines. It also needed to adjust the tone of voice to sound natural and resonate with the intended audience. To achieve this, we extensively experimented with prompt engineering, creating advanced prompts that would consistently provide stable and accurate results. 

  1. Merging Technologies 

Integrating speech-to-text and image recognition models presented another challenge. Speech-to-text models convert spoken words into text, while image recognition models interpret visual information. The app needed to seamlessly translate between these different data formats, ensuring consistent representation and understanding. It also needed to process both inputs simultaneously and combine them into a cohesive post. This meant ensuring all models completed their tasks promptly and the app assembled the final output in the correct order, creating a natural and uninterrupted user experience.

  1. Creating Recognizable Interface 

We also had the goal to maintain a user-friendly interface that would work and feel as natural as the social media apps the users were used to, providing users with a comfortable starting point. At the same time, we didn’t want to create a carbon copy. The interface needed to seamlessly integrate with the app's own design identity, fostering a unique visual experience. 

Additionally, ensuring smooth interaction with various social media platforms through integrated APIs and minimizing buffering times were crucial for a responsive and enjoyable user experience. 

  1. Security and Privacy:

Security and privacy were cornerstones of the project. We envisioned a robust platform capable of handling a large user base with unwavering stability, even under significant load. Data protection was equally important. Implementing robust measures to safeguard user privacy and adhering to strict GDPR regulations became a priority, since we would have access to sensitive data. 

Following a meticulously planned and collaborative development process spanning six months, the first complete version of the app launched in August 2023. From then on, we continued working on the app, providing post-launch support. 


After the project was finished, we continued working with the company. Our goal: ensure the app's long-term success through ongoing support, new feature implementation, and meticulous bug fixing. We handled all post-launch support matters, including bug fixes, user inquiries, and technical assistance. Our proactive approach involved identifying and resolving potential issues before they impacted users, preventing frustration and downtime.

Furthermore, we actively gathered user feedback and translated it into actionable insights. This valuable data informed the development of new features that addressed real user needs and preferences. 

Finally, we prioritized regular communication and transparency. Through detailed reports and open dialogue, our clients remained informed and involved throughout the entire process. This collaborative approach ensured alignment with their vision and goals, fostering a strong and trusting  working relationship.


Currently, the company is growing stably, and looking to expand app’s functionality even further. 

Our collaboration with the client resulted in the successful launch of their app, which has been met with positive user feedback praising the quality of the generated content. Our technical expertise undoubtedly played a key role in accelerating the development process, allowing them to capitalize on the emerging generative AI technology and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Currently, the company is growing steadily, and looking to expand app’s functionality even further.


  • Delivered the first app version in under 6 months, highlighting efficient development and fast time-to-market.
  • App received positive public reception, indicating user satisfaction and market validation.

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