Staff Augmentation
That Works

We find the ideal tech talent fit specifically for your needs, fast and hassle-free. No relying on generic benches of developers, only curated expertise matched to your goals.


Staff Augmentation

What it is: Hire individual specialists for specific tasks or projects, no long-term commitment. Pay for the skills and time required only, and scale your team up or down as needed.

Best for: Filling short-term skill gaps, specific projects, or temporary needs.

Dedicated Team

What it is: Hire individual specialists for specific tasks or projects, no long-term commitment. Pay for the skills and time required only, and scale your team up or down as needed.

Best for: Complex projects requiring ongoing dedication and expertise, building a core development team.

Team Extension

What it is: Amplify your existing team with our specialists. Get targeted skills and capacity on-demand without hiring permanent staff. It’s like your current team, but modified to fit the needs of your project.

Best for: Expanding your existing team with additional resources, addressing skill gaps. handling overflow work.

Hybrid Model

What it is: Combine elements of different staff augmentation types, adjusting our services based on your needs. You can mix individual talents, dedicated teams, and team extensions based on project requirements.

Best for: Anyone who needs a tailored approach, like startups with fluctuating demands.

Why Clients Trust Us

Eddie Zeltser
R&D Director, Agmatix
AgTech Startup
Tel Aviv, Israel

Olive showcases good practices and does high-quality work, resulting in a working and maintainable product. The Olive team delivers items on time, mitigates issues well, and communicates effectively through in-person and virtual meetings. They've found resources that fit the client's requirements.

Anton Tchernikovsky
CTO, Customerization
Digital Transformation Company
Toronto, Ontario

Olive delivered the project on time, meeting the client's expectations. They communicated frequently and promptly via email and virtual meetings, ensuring an effective workflow. Their client-centric approach, proactiveity, and flexibility were hallmarks of their work.

Tzach Goren
CEO, Agado live
Physiotherapy Platform
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Olive's efforts have left the client highly satisfied with the results. Their responsive, understanding and dedicated approach to the project stood out. They've efficiently identified the ideal candidates and seamlessly integrated them into the internal team, ensuring a successful collaboration.

How It Works


Discovery Phase

We start by scheduling a call with you to understand your project goals, team dynamics, and needs. This step allows us to get to know you better and helps us source the ideal candidates to fully match your requirements.


Candidate Profile

Whether you prefer to work together or want us to take the lead, we'll define the perfect skill set, experience level, and cultural fit you require for your project. This ensures we target the right talent from the very beginning.


Talent Sourcing

We use several channels to curate a pool of qualified candidates perfectly aligned with your needs. The applicants come from our extensive network, industry-specific job boards, referrals, and a list of pre-vetted talent.


Candidate Screenings

Using pre-screening calls, skill assessments, and cultural fit evaluations, we identify candidates who excel in both technical expertise and needed soft skills ensuring they not only do the job well, but also fit into your team.


Technical Interview

We conduct technical interviews, often involving test tasks, to ensure the candidate possesses the required skills and problem-solving abilities. You can actively participate alongside our team, or leave this stage in our hands.


Candidate Match

Following the interviews, we curate a shortlist of applicants. These candidates not only possess the technical expertise to excel in the role, but also demonstrate a strong alignment with your goals and company culture.


Client Interview

From here, you can select the candidates for an in-depth final interview. There you can delve deeper into their technical skills, gauge their personal suitability for the role and evaluate other factors important to you.


Streamlined Onboarding

We make the onboarding process quick and effective, equipping your new teammate with essential project knowledge and fostering a smooth integration into your workflow, maximizing their impact from day one.


Ongoing Support

You only pay for the completed work, while we handle payroll, leave management, and regular check-ins to ensure everything runs smoothly. Throughout the process, you'll have a dedicated manager there to help you.


Guarantee Replacement

Sometimes things don’t work out. In the rare case when a candidate isn't the perfect fit for your company, we provide a free replacement as fast as possible. We always analyze the situation to find your ideal candidate.

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Case study

Digital Twins Startup

Our work with the client started shortly after the creation of their company, and resulted in a lasting collaboration. As the company expanded, we gradually filled most of their current positions.
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Healthtech Startup

The company needed to assemble an experienced team to build an MVP and get funding. Our job was to recruit senior developers capable of achieving this goal.
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AgTech Startup

The client looked for highly skilled candidates to enhance their team. Despite their initial reservations about outstaffing, our successful collaboration increased their trust in us.
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