Fast Track Your Business With No-Code Development

We are a team of experts united by our passion for creating stunning, high-converting digital experiences using no-code technologies.


The ultimate tool for creating wow websites and landing pages.

Smart technology to build advanced MVPs, Web Apps, and Custom Software.

What Can We Build

Landing Page

Craft captivating landing pages with low-code platforms, optimizing conversion without deep coding know-how.


Design holistic websites using no-code tools, ensuring user engagement without the traditional coding rigors.

Web App

Develop intuitive web apps via low-code solutions, streamlining processes and boosting user experience effortlessly.

PoC (Proof of Concept)

Showcase tech feasibility using low-code methods, bringing innovative concepts to life without extensive coding.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Launch MVPs swiftly with no-code platforms, validating ideas with agility and minimal resource commitment.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Build scalable SaaS products using no-code tools, ensuring rapid deployment and adaptability in the market.

Why Clients Trust Us

Eddie Zeltser
R&D Director, Agmatix
AgTech Startup
Tel Aviv, Israel

Olive showcases good practices and does high-quality work, resulting in a working and maintainable product. The Olive team delivers items on time, mitigates issues well, and communicates effectively through in-person and virtual meetings. They've found resources that fit the client's requirements.

Anton Tchernikovsky
CTO, Customerization
Digital Transformation Company
Toronto, Ontario

Olive delivered the project on time, meeting the client's expectations. They communicated frequently and promptly via email and virtual meetings, ensuring an effective workflow. Their client-centric approach, proactiveity, and flexibility were hallmarks of their work.

Tzach Goren
CEO, Agado live
Physiotherapy Platform
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Olive's efforts have left the client highly satisfied with the results. Their responsive, understanding and dedicated approach to the project stood out. They've efficiently identified the ideal candidates and seamlessly integrated them into the internal team, ensuring a successful collaboration.

How It Works


Discovery Phase

This stage provides the foundation of your website! We'll dive deep into your vision, target audience, and challenges. This allows us to design a website equipped with the features and a user experience optimized to reach your goals.



At this stage, we'll translate your goals and brand into a user-friendly and visually stunning website. Whether you have any design files, or need our expertise, we'll collaborate to create a website that you are perfectly happy with.



We transform the design into a functional website, prioritizing performance and a smooth user experience across all devices. If you need to add any integrations (payment methods, CRM, etc.) or custom features, we will add them too.


Testing & Launch

Before your website goes live, our team conducts a complete rigorous testing across all devices and browsers to ensure top performance and user experience. And finally, once everything is polished to perfection, we launch your website.


Ongoing Support

We’re not leaving you on your own. We offer support to keep your website secure, functional, and up-to-date. This includes regular security patches, content updates, bug fixes, performance monitoring, and new feature implementation.

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Case study

Cybersecurity Marketplace No-Code Development

A client with a specialized marketplace idea needed a prototype to secure investor funding. Our niche expertise and the power of Bubble's no-code platform allowed us to deliver a perfect-fit MVP, propelling them towards launch and a successful fundraising campaign.
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